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Become a Prestige Premier Partner

Prestige Valet & Concierge will work diligently every day to consistently be the best solution and valet service provider for your properties. It is our vision that your residents will repeatedly return for our services.

Let’s do Business!

Prestige Valet & Concierge Services will help you maintain a competitive edge in the upscale real estate market. Five-star valet and concierge services are rapidly becoming the status quo for condominiums and rental apartments in the Metropolitan Area. Our professional services support a high-end image, increase the value of the property and attract the most desirable residents. Prestige provides an entirely hassle-free five-star-hotel-quality service center, which will complement and enhance the experience of upscale living that your residents expect and deserve.


Prestige owns and operates all dry cleaning and housekeeping aspects of the business. None of the work is “farmed” out, eliminating the challenges and complications of dealing with an impersonal wholesale company. While most of our competitors use these third-party vendors and contractors, Prestige is proud to have complete control in its business operations. This hands-on approach ensures customers the best possible dry cleaning, laundry and housekeeping services.

Prestige Premier Partners

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