Garment Services

No wholesalers, means quality control!

Prestige owns and operates one of the most cutting edge, environmentally friendly dry cleaning facilities in the Tri-State area. Most of our competitors are solely App-based, or retail storefronts, both using impersonal third party wholesalers. Our 10,500 square foot state-of-the-art facility ensures that our client’s fine garments are being processed directly under our supervision to ensure the highest quality cleaning and the most sustainable environmental practices are being utilized to each garments specific needs. We at Prestige are continually reinvesting in our company’s practices to ensure the highest quality dry cleaning and customer support. What also sets us apart from the rest is our combination of on-demand technology with our own Apps, along with our hand inspected quality control procedures. With over 30 years of providing the best cleaning process in the industry, you can trust Prestige in caring for your fine apparel!

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Dry Cleaning

You need to give your garments the attention they deserve. Before dry cleaning, our experts conduct a thorough inspection revealing any stains or discolorations on your garments. These stains are then pre-treated with a stain-resolving agent. Once your stains have been removed, a gentle cleaning removes any dirt or residue. Clothes are then restored to their like new condition. Don’t take chances, bring your garments to Prestige Garment Care. Regular dry cleaning not only helps your clothes look better, but it also prolongs the life of your clothing.

Laundered Shirts

Professional laundering keeps your garments looking new. Stains are pre-treated before washing. After your shirts have been carefully washed, they are ironed neatly. After that, we attend to details like fixing the buttons and loose threads. After that, you can choose to have it neatly folded or be delivered to you on a hanger.

Wash & Fold

Prestige Garment Care laundry services guarantee flawless results every time. Items are separated and washed according to fabric. Colors stay bright; whites stay white, and you can be assured that even your most delicate items will remain in perfect condition. When you receive your clean laundry, it will be neatly folded and ready to pack into your drawers. It is a big time-saver for busy individuals and professionals alike.

Wedding Gown Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation

Cleaning: After your wedding celebration, bring your gown to Prestige Garment Care for a professional cleaning. Our experts will inspect your gown for any stains, spills or marks that may have occurred on your big day. Your gown will be as clean and beautiful as it was the day you fell in love with it.

Restoration: Turn that yellowing vintage gown in grandma’s attic into the bright white garment of your dreams. Our specialized technique restores seasoned wedding gowns to their original, snowy white beauty.

Heirloom & Preservation: Once that special day comes to an end, it is important to have your gown cleaned to remove body oils and any other stains that got on your gown while you were having fun. We have been cleaning fine wedding gowns for over three decades. Our process is gentle enough for beading, embroidery, and lace. Museum conservators recommend using acid-free boxes and tissue to extend the lifetime of textiles. We use this packaging material after expertly cleaning your gown. Christening and Communion gowns are cleaned and preserved in the same manner as wedding gowns.

Seasonal Storage

Prestige Garment Care offers you seasonal storage for those items that you are not using right now. Prestige Garment Care seasonal storage is like having your very own personal, spacious, secret closet. But when it comes to storing clothing, rugs, draperies and other fabrics, it’s not merely a question of space; the questions of how, where and under what conditions are the most important.

Each season brings a change in wardrobe. Bulky winter items can clutter a spring closet, while your collections of summer beach bags can become cumbersome come fall. Simplify and stay organized by storing your out-of-season items in our safe, clean vaults. Your items will remain as fresh as the day you brought them in. When you are ready to add your seasonal garments back into your wardrobe, have them delivered at your convenience.

Be sure to have your items cleaned before storage so when they are retrieved, they are ready to wear.

Custom Tailoring

Let our highly-trained tailoring professionals transform your garment to a custom-fitted item. Whether you are adjusting the hem on a pair of dress slacks or turning your unshapely vintage coat into custom-fitted couture, Prestige Garment Care’s talented tailors and seamstresses will make your vision a reality.

Leather & Suede Cleaning

Fine leather and suede are luxury textiles. Over time, your leather and suede garments will naturally lose color. Additionally, the loss of natural oils will result in creases and dryness. Prestige combats this natural deterioration by adding oils and pigments during the restoration process. Regular care extends the life of your leather and suede items. You can trust Prestige Garment Care to keep your leather goods looking as good as new.

Fur Cleaning & Storage

Preserve and protect your fur with regular cleanings to remove dirt and oil. Finish with a glaze treatment, imparting a glamorous sheen. Don’t allow your fur to be jostled around in a narrow closet. During warmer seasons, store your garment in one of our temperature-controlled vaults. Regular maintenance will ensure that your fur stays plush and sumptuous for generations to come.

Table Linens

Whether it’s for a formal dinner party or a family dinner, your table will look inviting and at its best professionally cleaned and pressed. Our expert staff will spot clean, treat stains with care, and make sure your linens are in perfect condition, ready to use at your next dinner celebration.

Bed Linens

Your bedding impacts the quality and quantity of sleep you get every night, which in turn determines how you will function and feel every day. Having multiple sets of sheets that are changed frequently and professionally laundered regularly will enable your quality bed linens to last for many years. Prestige Garment Care will provide the best possible care to help keep your linens looking their best for years. It includes comforters, quilts, pillow shams, blankets, couch throws, sheets and duvet covers.

Drapery & Fabric Blind Cleaning

Though your window treatments are not touched as the other textiles in your home, they are natural attractors of dust. Our professional cleaning will remove these layers of dust, stains, and odors from your drapes or fabric blinds. The finishing touches will make the colors and textures of your curtains look clean and fresh for a long time.