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Protecting The Health of Our Customers And Our Planet 

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Prestige Garment Care is proud to offer gentle cleaning processes and environmentally-conscious business practices that support our collective health and the health of our planet. Since 1999, we have been acknowledged as a green dry cleaner by the Department of Environmental Conservation and we hold ongoing certificates in environmental dry cleaning technology.

Our investment in the latest technologies and non-toxic cleaning products makes our processes safer, healthier, and more convenient for you and your loved ones. With over three decades of experience, you can trust Prestige to care for your garments and home while protecting the environment and providing an outstanding experience.

GreenEarth® Cleaning
For dry cleaning, Prestige uses GreenEarth® solvent, a silicone-based solution that is similar in makeup to liquefied sand, the same safe, natural sand the earth has been creating for more than 6 billion years. This silicone is found in most household cosmetics such as shampoos and lotions. Green Earth solvent is chemically inert which means it does not interact with your garment, it merely lifts and carries the dirt away.

Other benefits of GreenEarth®:

  • Leaves no odors in clothes after cleaning
  • Whites are whiter
  • Colors are brighter
  • Gentle on delicate silks, sequins, beads, lace, and trim
  • Fabrics feel softer and more luxurious

Learn more about GreenEarth® Cleaning

Green Seal Certified®
Our housekeeping services are similarly environmentally sound, using Green Seal Certified products that leave your home clean while being harmless to the environment.

With more than 30 years of leadership, Green Seal® is among the world’s most trusted ecolabels for cleaning products today.

Learn more about Green Seal Certification®


All-Electric Delivery Fleet

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Prestige is thrilled to lead the charge toward a more sustainable future with the introduction of New York City's first all-electric delivery fleet. By transitioning to electric vehicles, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint and contributed to less air pollution in the city.

When you choose Prestige, you're not only choosing luxury and convenience—you're choosing a partner in sustainability. We continuously explore and adopt the latest green technologies and products to enhance our operations and minimize our impact on the planet.

Together, we can create a greener future!

Further, please contact us to arrange a pick-up for any dry cleaning refuse such as hangers, plastic, or tissue paper, and we will have it all recycled accordingly.

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